Who are we?

Pyjama Party was created by Pierre Corbinais and Hélène Menanteau.

Pierre Corbinais (Pierrec) created the websites Oujevipo, where he covers small experimental video games since 6 years, and Shake That Button where he documents alternative controllers, video game installations and playful performances. He’s also the president of the Marseille based boardgame associations La Cabane à Jeux and created a bunch of small video games.
Boardgame lover, Hélène Menanteau is an organiser for La Cabane à Jeux and already collaborated with Pierre Corbinais to create the video game « One of Them ».



All the illustrations were made by Dziff from the Klondike collective. She’s awesome! Check her works!


Heidi Loukoum shot the trailer and took the pictures. She’s awesome too, and you should check her work too!


A big thank to William for the help with the english translation, to Eludi Production and to our friends for supporting us since the first edition!